"I initially began this course as a bit of a sceptic of complementary therapies. However, I wanted to learn a new skill which would be mentally challenging but which was also very different from my corporate, stressful job. I have been absolutely thrilled with my choice to study reflexology at the Jubilee College as it has provided this challenge but also so much more.

The course is demanding in that there are assignments to complete every three weeks initially, regular tests on the anatomy and physiology and case studies to complete. These take a sustained level of dedication to the course but it is more that possible to complete the elements and also have a life – I have managed to move house twice, start a new job and have a baby during the length of the course!

David has been extremely supportive of my personal circumstances and has been flexible about how I complete my studies. I have moved from the Nottingham school to the Manchester school with ease and was made to feel very welcome. I have even taken my new baby to two of the classes as I have been breast-feeding and unable to leave him at home for the day. There are not many schools where you can take your baby to class, and have many wonderful babysitters there too. I think that this is a great reflection on David's easy going but professional approach.

David is an excellent tutor as he has an extensive knowledge on all aspects of reflexology but is able to convey this in easy to digest chunks of information, delivered with a sense of humour. There was a wide spectrum of people on my course, of all ages and educational background. David was able to accommodate the varied ability class and made all of us feel competent and able to pass the exams.

As I mentioned above, I have gained a lot from the course. At times it has been an escape from the day to day stresses of life, I have made some good friends and I have laughed a lot. I have also been totally convinced of the benefits of reflexology. This is because I have been able to experience for myself the positive impact it can have on a person's health. Because of the positivity of reflexology, I feel I have also regained some balance in my life which is invaluable."

GL - Nottingham & Manchester August 2009