speech leftI completed my Level 5 Mastership in Practitioner Reflexology in September 2018. I absolutely loved the course and currently in the process of starting up my own business called Refoxology. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is considering learning reflexology. David was a fantastic tutor with great knowledge of reflexology, conditions, anatomy and physiology. His personality makes him a great tutor. Since finishing the course, David has continued to support me with any questions and queries which is very comforting to know he is available when I am unsure. speech right

NF - Leicester 2017



speech leftIf your thinking of training as a reflexologist and want to ensure you have been on the most advanced, comprehensive course that will set you up for turning yourself into a true professional, clinical reflexologist, then I highly recommend David from Jubilee college and the Level 5 Mastership course from Centralia. The course is hard work but totally worth it. David is a fantastic tutor making learning enjoyable and memorable. He is encouraging and supportive and a true master of teaching reflexology! Thank you David! speech right

ET - Sheffield 2017



speech leftI have just completed the Level 5 Centralia Mastership under the guidance of the superb David Wayte. Professional, enthusiastic, funny and completely committed to the cause of reflexology. I simply don't think there could be anyone better.to teach this course and pass on their wealth of experience in such an informative and engaging way. Reflexology is lucky to have him. Thank you David for a wonderful year.  speech right

KP - Nottingham 2017



speech leftFrom looking at the foot map on day 1 and thinking ‘I’ll never remember all those reflexes’ and having brain fog with A & P to delivering 142 treatments over the course of the training and having real clients…..who knew :-) I feel proud of what I have achieved over the last year but once the reflexology ‘L’ plates are off and I venture outside of the ‘student’ bubble I am under no illusions it will be hard work with constant ongoing learning. There is still much to do in setting up the business, building clients and becoming established but I’m ready. I have the ‘tools’ to do the job thanks to this course and our patient, funny and amazing tutor David Wayte……..Big Hugs….  speech right

BT - Sheffield 2017



speech leftAt 51 years of age, I decided on a career change and knew Reflexology was what I wanted to do. After extensive research on different colleges, I decided on Jubilee College. Before enrolling, I spoke to David on the phone and he immediately put my mind at rest about all my concerns. Admittedly, I was a little anxious as I hadn't been in a study environment for 30 years! From the moment I met David, I knew I'd made the right decision; his passion, knowledge and teaching methods were second to none. He made us all feel extremely comfortable and each class was a mixture of great laughs and hard work! A year later, I am astounded at what I have learnt and the confidence I have gained and have loved every minute of the journey....I have absolutely trained with the best. So if you're ready for some hard work, being dedicated to the course and wanting the very best and highest training possible, then I highly recommend Jubilee college  speech right

JD - Nottingham 2017