katy wayneKaty Wayne

Katy is our Main Course Tutor at our Sheffield venue and is a highly experienced teacher. Katy will be working at Jubilee College as well as her current position as programme coordinator and Lecturer at The University of Derby.

I’m excited to join Jubilee College and be part of a very successful highly professional and motivated team. My role is to facilitate the success of all my students by harnessing their energies positively and supporting those who need a little more encouragement to believe in their own abilities.

My drive for teaching comes from seeing students respond and succeed. I am passionate about the areas in which I teach and I try very hard to ensure that the students understand the subject through varied examples I use and the energy in the way I deliver the units within the qualification. I understand and respect all learners have different learning styles and adapt my delivery to ensure each learner is nurtured as they advance through the programme gaining confidence and competency as they progress.

For now and the future I’m excited about my growing involvement within the world of Reflexology and my role within Jubilee College.