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rsxa lafuma recliner chair bue and oatmealLafuma RSXA Recliner Chair
in a choice of Blue or Oatmeal BATYLINE Fabric

Like all Lafuma relaxer chairs, the RSXA features the patented and original Lafuma Relaxer system, which allows stability in an infinite number of positions from upright to near horizontal. The batyline seat, which is easily maintained, is suspended by elastic lacing cords to give a hammock-like comfort. All the following models feature traditional foam filled armrests.

96 x 68 x 15 cm (folded)
115 x 68 x 88 cm (open)
Weight: 7.15 kg

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rsx chair towelLafuma Chair Cover

If you want to keep your brand new Lafuma chair nice and clean, what better way than using this custom made towelling cover to keep your chair looking smart and pristine. The cover is washable (which the chair isn't) and will pay for itself if you spill something on it... but not spoiled the chair!

£34.99 inc P&P


Lafuma chair caseA MUST HAVE for mobile Reflexologists.

Made specially to fit your Lafuma, with room to accommodate pillows and towels. It makes carrying your equipment so much easier.

£22.00 inc free postage

massage couch cover MASSAGE COUCH COVER

Our massage couch cover fits both the Lightweight and Luxury massage couches. It has the facehole perfectly placed and has elasticated seams so it is easy to fit and secure on the massage couch.

£22.99 inc FREE postage

Foot Reflexology DVD

college dvdThe Jubilee reflexology DVD, now available for sale! This DVD teaches you all the techniques taught in our classes. We teach the latest version of the practical techniques by working each system in it's entirety. Have a preview of the video by clicking on the image.

Special notice - Enrolled students of Jubilee College are NOT to buy this DVD here.You will be provided with this free of charge as part of your course.

£12.00 inc FREE postage

FingerFree Reflexology Poster

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A full size A1 poster with over 70 reflexes clearly displayed

Click on the picture to see a full screen image.

"I'€™m really impressed, as this chart is very clear and I believe it will be of great benefit to students in identifying reflexes. Altogether a very thorough chart."
Glenys Underwood - Principal of Anahata School of Reflexology and Fellow of Association of Reflexologists

Special notice - Enrolled students of Jubilee College are NOT to buy this poster here.You will be provided with this free of charge as part of your course.

£12.00 inc free P&P

Comfrey & Mallow organic foot balm

foot balmAbout this product: Organic comfrey and nurturing mallow revitalise tired and over-worked feet to soften the skin. 50g jar.

Directions: Perfect medium for giving smooth and lucious Reflexology.


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Leg Bolster

full bolster

Full Round Bolster. To relieve tension and add extra support under clients knees or ankles. Dimensions 63 x 15cm.

£29.50 inc FREE postage

D - Roll

half bolster

The half bolster is for the support and comfort under legs, back and shoulders. Dimensions 63 x 15cm

£29.50 inc FREE postage

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Reflexology DVD


Learn the full sequence and Finger Free®
techniques with this DVD.

If you have not heard about Finger Free® Reflexology before, have a quick read of the review below.

Watch the preview:


 £22.00 inc free P&P

DVD Review:

Having run a reflexology practitioners school for over 20 years I have come across many new approaches to reflexology treatments, linking and vertical to name but a few, but until now I have never found a technique that I feel every practitioner needs to learn, until I came across David Wayte's "finger free reflexology".

Not only will this approach keep your hands healthy and safe it revitalises the treatment approach. The finger free DVD is a step by step guide to learning the technique of treating the feet. It is clear, precise and easy to follow. You will pick it up in no time.

I had the pleasure of David treating my feet with finger free and I was amazed at how good it felt and how effective it was.

If you only book one CPD course this year take my advice and do a workshop with David and get the DVD. I was very impressed, and remember its stress free for your hands.

Andrew James


Principal of The Practitioners School of Reflexology

Author of "Hands on Reflexology" (book and DVD) and "Homeopathy in Essence"


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