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MBS Reflexology Routine

Incorporate all the elements of our being

Mind Body Spirit

Meditation and Mindfulness

All within one treatment

MBS Reflexology Routine © (Mind Body Spirit)

 Course Details:

Develop your knowledge and skills in Meditations and Mindfulness. Combine these with Reflexology to provide a complete and holistic therapeutic experience. One which is empowering to you both personally, and you as a practitioner. This specialist approach supports your clients to have greater understanding and empowerment over their health and wellbeing. This approach encapsulates the true holistic potential of your Reflexology craft.

Theory includes:

  • An introduction to Meditation Mindfulness and how to integrate this into Reflexology Practice.
  • Stress and how this can affect our Mind Body and Soul wellbeing.
  • Specific techniques such as Bi-lateral Reflexology (Duopody) and Linking Techniques.
  • Newly created Mind Body Soul Reflexology Technique©.
  • Learn how to integrate these concepts into your Reflexology Practice Practice / Practical Mentorship includes:
  • Demonstrating understanding and the application of Meditation and Mindfulness within Reflexology.
  • Demonstrating understanding and competency in the delivery of the Mind Body Soul Reflexology Technique ©.
  • Complementary Zoom Mentorship following training.

Course Cost

The course costs £150. A non refundable deposit of £50 is payable on application. The outstanding £100 is payable 14 days before the course date. The full £150 can be paid at the time of booking. The Numinous Wellbeing refund and cancellation policy is available and applicable if you cancel your place up to 21 days before the course date.

Course Length

1 full day (7 hours).


Courses will be held at locations throughout the Midlands. All venues are easily accessible by major road networks.


Dates to be confirmed, and are planned from April 2021, details on application at this stage. Provisional dates have been agreed however due to COVID 19 these are flexible at time or writing.

CPD Points

The course is currently going through verification with The Association of Reflexologists.

Course Provider

Please note you are booking this course directly with “Numinous Wellbeing”, which is a partnership of two Jubilee College graduates - Helen Murby (MAR CRM5 GJC) of Nahele Holistics; and Chris Vickers (MAR CRM5 GJC) of CV Holistic Therapies. Contact Details: numinouswellbeing@gmail.com