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Jubilee College is a specialist training school, enabling people from all backgrounds to learn Reflexology and become clinical Reflexologists. Once qualified, we then continue to support our graduates with specialist training. We strongly believe that learning a 'hands on therapy' needs to involve personal tuition, so none of our courses are taught online, and a large proportion of our class time is devoted to practial tuition.

Our website is split into two main sections: Practitioner Training and Continual Professional Development (CPD). The two boxes below will give you more information.

Please explore our site and find out why our accredited training is the best. We hope that you will find all you need to know about training in Reflexology,  and that you enjoy looking around! If you want to ask any questions, do feel free to e-mail or phone (01773 771234), we are always happy to help.

Confused about which Reflexology qualification to study for? Visit our FAQ pages for some answers.

Level 5 Reflexology Practitioners Course

Jubilee College is delighted to be one of the select colleges endorsed to teach the Centralia Reflexology Mastership (incorporating Agored Cymru units at Level 5). This course is a new era in Reflexology training as previously the highest qualification available was the Diploma at Level 3. Now the professional world of Reflexology is open to you with the Mastership at Level 5!

If you are wanting to learn Reflexology at the highest level, receive the best training, and be fully equipped to start your career as a professional Clinical Reflexologist, this is the course for you.

The Level 5 Reflexology Mastership is accepted by all the leading membership associations, including Professional Reflexology, the CNHC (the UK's regulator for complementary therapies), and throughout the UK in the NHS and other healthcare industries.

Reflexology CPD

Most professional associations require CPD training to be carried out once you are qualified, and Jubilee College has a wide variety of courses on offer.

As a Reflexologist, there are many specialist fields available to you, and Jubilee College offers a wide range of Continual Professional Development courses to train you in a new field (eg, Palliative or Maternity Reflexology), or we can help you learn new techniques that will protect your hands from injury (eg, Finger Free Reflexology). For the full list of our CPD courses, please click on the Training & CPD menu link.

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